Trait Swapper

Customize your NFTs!

When creating Sicarra, our team's starting point was to give each user the ability to create the NFT design of their choice. This starting point led us to "Trait Swapper" feature. With this feature, users will be able to create their NFTs in a way that is pleasing to the eye or as a piece with a high rarity level. To create such a system we had to create traits as a seperate collection. This means each trait is also an asset on the chain. Traits you have will be inspected on the profile page. There you can see what you have in your bag, what traits you have on your NFTs and decide what actions you'll take. Swapper Link: Ways to get traits: - Loot Boxes - Trait Market. It'll be revealed little later than our public shuffle. There you will be able to participate in trait raffles and auctions. - Secondary Market. We will have a separate collection called "Gorcian Traits" and you will be able to get traits there. Trait Swapper has two options for you to customize your NFTs. Both options will cost $SHARD which will be earned by Staking. Users can use both options as many as they like! 1) Add a Trait To add a trait to your NFT the slot you are going to use must be removed beforehand. After that you are free to select which trait you are going to add to your NFT and sign the required transactions. Here is an example: Let's say you have an Armor that you want to add to you NFT. First you must be sure that the Body slot of your NFT doesn't have any trait added. Then you simply click to the Armor on your profile page and sign the transactions. Congrats, now you have a Gorcian with a body Armor! 2) Remove a Trait Removing is pretty similar to adding. Only difference is that the trait you remove will be added to your bag as the action happens. I can hear you are asking some mysterious questions. For example, what happens to my Gorcian if I remove its Eyes? Well, I am sure that there is a minority that would love to see Gorcians without eyes but that's not the case. We simply update it to its Base trait. Every slot has been designed with either a Base or None trait. So that should be okay. Gorcians without eyes could be the a greate move tho, gonna think about it.

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