But we call it "Training"!
Gorcian holders will be able to stake their NFT's to earn $SHARD! Being an invincible warrior is the most important quality a Gorcian must possess. Your Gorcian's path to becoming a Chief or Azhhak is through training that requires determination and perseverance. Don't forget that the ones who have the most to gain are those who train continuously. Get your Gorcian to the training and do what it takes to take charge of the army! Training System & Rewards -We are using a non-custodial staking system, which means your Gorcian will stay in your wallet while staking.

 -You may train your Gorcian as long as you like. But the longer you train, the more coins you will earn. -Listing your NFT will reset your training progress. 0-7 Days - 1 $SHARD Per Day 7-14 Days - 3 $SHARD Per Day 14-28 Days - 6 $SHARD Per Day 28+ Days - 10 $SHARD Per Day Training Link